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Steve Schwartz, President


The story is king…


In case you haven’t noticed, there is an awful lot of content out there and that makes for an awful lot of competition for viewer attention. Every day new tools come on the market and continue to democratize television production so that nearly everyone with a smartphone has the capability of producing original video programming. Yet, as the technical aspects of video production become more and more egalitarian there’s one thing that remains constant; the success of any presented program depends on how well it entertains. Program-making equipment may change, but without a good story on the screen there is little to watch.



Our expertise...

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Compelling storytelling is a fine art. The better the storyteller, the better the story. A well told tale grabs you in a visceral way and keeps you hooked until the end. Successful storytelling on video is the result of a complex amalgam of scripting, character, casting and visual presentation. A well-told story is the one thing that dictates the ultimate success of any artistic enterprise.  Whether you are a cable network, an indie-production company or simply looking for a way to create a viral video on YOUTUBE, our experience and expertise will help you deliver that great story.

For both networks and independent producers we offer a very experienced extra pairs of expert eyes and hands.  We can totally oversee your projects from their start and guide them till delivery, or we can work as team-members alongside your on-staff current-executives. Our years of experience in the supervision of development and the production of programming will improve any project’s chances for ultimate success in the hugely crowded competition for viewers.


We'll help you make it great!


 Often, during the rapid-fire nature of producing content for broadcast television and video projects, the art of story telling is lost to the expedience of an unforgiving production schedule. At times good artistic decisions succumb to (among many other unpredictable things) delivery schedules, data malfunctions and budget worries. While no one can anticipate unexpected catastrophe, we can help you build in production padding to help insulate your projects from looming doom. We are expert in the creation of realistic production and budgetary plans that will give everyone extra breathing room before a single frame is shot.